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Our People Stories

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"I wanted to join WuXi Biologics as I wanted to become part of team responsible for facilitating the production of life-saving biologic products that benefit mankind whilst also being part of such a diverse and talented team of people."

Darragh Connolly, QC Microbiology, Associate Scientist

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There are many aspects that I love about my role here at WuXi Biologics, although my favourite part, is that no two days are the same. My daily activities are diverse which enables me to expand upon my skills and allows me to grow as an individual. I love the inclusion of employees from different backgrounds, who have unique skillsets to bring to the team. I’m continually developing within my role and acquiring knowledge that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Sandrina Magliocco, QC Microbiology, Associate Scientist

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“I joined WuXi Biologics as it gave the opportunity to join a project at the greenfield stage, with a company that
was only starting to expand globally. Also, to have a better work life balance by reducing my commuting time to work”

Shane Matthews, MFG, Bioprocessing Shift Lead

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"I love the collaborative part of my role and the team at WuXi Biologics are dedicated, ambitious and supportive which makes collaboration effortless. In my role, which is more people orientated, I collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and develop effective relationships of trust and respect."

Victory Akinla, Training Specialist

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"The reason I joined the team here at WuXi Biologics was to be a part of a brand-new state of the art facility, the first of its kind in Ireland a CRDMO (Contract research development manufacturing organisation). I wanted be involved in the start up of such a big facility and the challenges that are faced from a greenfield site."

Samy Lamari, Senior Supply Chain Specialist, Warehouse Operations

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"There is a great sense of unity and teamwork within the company. Whenever someone runs into an issue or a problem the whole team will get together and sort out a solution. I feel like you can always ask for help if needed without any judgement."

Megan Dillon, QC Microbiology, Associate Scientist.

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